The Vision

“Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.”

- Barbara Tuchman

The exponential frequency at which newly generated content is on the internet is astounding and serves as a reminder of how intricate and delicate the relationship between content developers and their audience is. Every second, millions of pieces of content are both created and consumed across various networks with limited amounts of interoperability. There’s both a lack of an epicenter and connectivity among platforms and audiences.

As time goes on and as more individuals adopt emerging technologies, the ecosystem is expected to continue to expand and experience a form of scattering. Publishing content online grants content creators access to a broad and distributed international audience. The problem is, how can the success of a content creator be accurately measured against the masterful content they create while buried amongst the clamor?

Blockchain technology has become a popular commodity in the attention economy due to its ability to remove a growing inequality between hosting services and content providers. Curators and artists are left fending for themselves while larger corporations bury them under the noise and benefit from their backbreaking. As a videographer or a writer pours their soul into their masterpiece, the vessels in which their content is delivered are plagued with gatekeepers that wish to strip them of what they’re rightfully owed.

Road Map

Q1 2018
General app development on both iOS and Android to match the web social network and have support for Android 8.0+ and iOS 11+ yChat application for communications release to support the iShook Ecosystem on Android First stages of token integration on the iShook platform
Q2 2018
yChat development and integration on iOS 11+ iShook tutorials and webinars to maximize publishing and exposure results for content creators, and provide best practices for content consumers First stages of token integration on the iShook platform
Q3 2018
yChatPro application development to support authors and content developers. The app will contain the following features Performance metrics on released content *Engagement analytics to assist marketing strategies Campaign creation tools for network exposure
Continued stages of token integration and use-case development
Q4 2018
yChat app integration with Apple Music iShook eBook application development and release on Android 8.0+ Completed stages of initial token integration, continued use-case development
Q1 2019
Release of iShook TV in Apple TV and potentially other smart TVs to further the scope of content shared in the iShook ecosystem The release of a medical platform for medical professionals & users
Q2-4 2019
Support for music, podcasts, and radio content pages SDK creation of the iShook eBook application for universities white-label use

Token Market Sale

Distribution Location Amount Distributed Percent of Minted Token
General Crowdsale 570,000,000 57%
Locked in iShook Wallet 360,000,000 36%
Vendor Payments 30,000,000 3%
Advisors 35,000,000 3.5%
Marketing 5,000,000 0.5%
TOTAL 1,000,000,000 100%

Funding Allocation of Token Sale








R & D Overhead



Token Sale Blocks Distribution

Block Number Token Allocation Ether to Token Bonus Allocation Description
A 140,000,000 1:1000  35%  60%
72 million for crowd sale 36 million for give away to first million iShook users
32 million for all types of bonuses to purchasers
B 142,000,000 1:1000  30%  Set Internally Dedicated for iShook user (to distribute within iShook ecosystem ex: for every chapter read by user they will receive a min. of one SHK token
C 143,000,000 1:1000 25% Block C & D will be locked in reserve for 3 years unless and when we @iShook are ready to develop our iShook TV app for iOS or any large scale development, then iShook will promote another ICO with block C & D combined or separately to develop for its large scale. If iShook does not develop any large scale development then SHK Tokens will be infused into iShook Eco System, for Engagement Mining (rewards) after 3 years
D 145,000,000 1:1000 20%

How To Buy iShook Tokens (Shook)

iShook Token is based on Ethereum. Shook is the name of the token, and it goes by SHK symbol. If you are new to ICOs or have never purchased any cryptocurrency, please follow the steps below to get started.

token ishook

Getting Started

If you already have Ethereum or when you do have Ethereum and are ready to purchase SHK Tokens, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to and create a new account or create an account on any other ERC20 compatible wallet.

Step 2: Transfer the amount of Ethereum (or any other currency) you want to use to buy SHOOK Tokens to your myetherwallet account.

Step 3: When you have the Ethereum (or any other currency) in your myetherwallet, transfer the amount of Ethereum (or any other currency) you want to use to buy SHOOK Tokens to the wallet addresses provided on

Step 4: After sending please provide the TRANSACTION-ID by emailing, provide your myetherwallet or ERC20 compatible wallet addresses and please mention in the email from which country you are.

Receiving Your SHOOK Tokens

When the ICO ends, you will receive your SHOOK Tokens within 4 weeks. The tokens will ONLY be transferred to your myetherwallet. You will need to do a small set up process to receive and see your tokens. Go to your myetherwallet and click "Add Custom Token" and enter the details below into the fields you will see.


You May send Ethereum to the crowdsale address 0xdab47c86fcc348e0bbe02493b77d28f3cdf 13147 and within 24 hours you will receive 1000 SHK Tokens for 1 Ether with bonus note this will not provide you high bonuses for higher bonus please email or use citowise wallet.

Contract Address: 0xdab47c86fcc348e0bbe02493b77d28f3cdf13147

Token Symbol: SHK

Decimals: 18

IMPORTANT: Only use your Citowise, MyEtherWallet or any ERC20 supported wallet to buy Shook Tokens.
When sending other accepted currencies please email us your ERC20 wallet and your transaction ID directly to our email


(Click "Copy to clipboard" to copy wallet address for desired currency)
Buy SHK with Citowise:
Get it on Google Play

Buy SHK with ETH:

Rate: 1 ETH = 1,000 SHK

Min : 0.1 ETH

Buy SHK with BTC:

Rate: 1 BTC = 36,000 SHK

Min : 0.1 BTC

Buy SHK with BCH:

Rate: 1 BCH = 3,000 SHK

Min : 0.1 BCH

Buy SHK with LTC:

Rate: 1 LTC = 500 SHK

Min : 0.1 LTC

Buy SHK with XRP:

Rate: 1 XRP = 1 SHK

Min : 25 XRP


yChat incorporates eChat features

yChat 1

Built-in payment system from Apple Pay and Google Wallet

yChat 2

Money transfers and cryptocurrencies in private messages, conversion of bitgold

yChat 3

Chat already supported. Voice / video calls to be developed

yChat 4

Discrete individual/group chats with 100% privacy

yChat 5

Stream with photo and video content

yChat 6

Security including end-to-end encryption, fingerprint lock (Google Touch ID, Apple Face and Touch Recognition), and private key storage for crypto-wallets

yChat 7

Incentivized channels for bloggers and publishers

yChat 8

And more other features...

Message to iShook Community

We are pleased to provide new solutions for content discoverability, our venture till now has been developing a platform with featured tools just for that. Now we feel the incorporation of blockchain is more the so required to enrich content discoverability. We like to thank all that have joined us and collaborated with us till now, as iShook has hired over dozens of developers, marketers and project managers and will continue with your support. Our ability has been proven time and again to being able to execute and deliver, and we assure all who join our iShook platform, users, content developers, and blockchain community that we will continue to deliver with the same performance as we have proven since 2013.

Thank You
Sincerely Yours
Beni E Rachmanov, CEO


team member

Beni E Rachmanov

CEO, and founder of iShook.

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team member

Michael Yusupov

CFO, and co-founder of iShook.

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team member

Gary J. Ross

Founding Partner at Ross & Shulga PLLC

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team member

Martin Mushkin

Co-Chairman of a Practicing Law Institute Course on Accountant’s Liability

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team member

Antoun Toubia

Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments S. A.

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team member

Chris Cronin

Senior Associate at United Capital Investments S. A.

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team member

Jason Butcher

COO & Founder, Tokenpayments & Parallel Payments

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team member

Toshendra Sharma

Toshendra Forbes 30under30

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team member

Benjamin Theobald

Co-Founder & Investor, ICO Global

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team member

Benjamin Theobald

Co-Founder & Investor, ICO Global

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International Business Development
team member

Nikhil Rathi

Director, Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. & Neosoft
team member


Chief Technological Leader for iShook
team member


Web Developer
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Chief IOS Developer
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Chief Graphic Designer for iShook.
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Chief Software Developer for iShook
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IOS Developer. yChat app Lead developer

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